Week #5 – Imagery and DIVs

Review: Design Principles
Please review the following lectures. The visual design of each assignment is a large part of your grade. I am looking for the principles and concepts that are outlined in these lectures.
Choosing a color scheme (Links to an external site.)
Choosing the chroma & value
Choosing a dominant color
Imagery  – Intro
Adding texture (Links to an external site.)
Adding pattern (Links to an external site.)
Choosing a text typeface (Links to an external site.)
Styling a text typeface (Links to an external site.)

Review: Technical Skills
Please review these demonstrations. For the next project you will be expected to know the skills included in these demonstrations. Let me know if you have any questions about any of the skills.
Demonstration: Html Basics
Demonstration: Intro To Css
Demonstration: Css Layout
Demonstration: Creating And Inserting Background Images
Demonstration: Creating And Inserting Content Images

Demonstration: Introduction To Photoshop

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