This Class

This is the location for the Ducret School of Art Web Design Class. Here you will find information about what we did in class, homework, results from assignments and useful links. It is a work in progress, so please check back as things will be continually updated.

Things you need to bring to every class: A notebook, something to write with. You will also need  some kind of portable storage device. I suggest a USB flash drive (4GB), because they’re inexpensive.

This Site

It’s set up as a free WordPress blog. You may comment on any post you like, bearing in mind that others will see your comments.

The Instructor

Lauren Rabinowitz (aka Lauren the Cartoon Goddess) is an illustrator/designer and the CEO of LTCG Media. She is also a graphic arts business educator. She has lectured, taught classes, given workshops, presentations and seminars for illustrators, cartoonists, animators and designers at various universities and institutions of higher education.

Examples of her work can be seen here:

Lauren the Cartoon Goddess – http://cartoongoddess.com/
LTCGMedia – http://www.ltcgmedia.com/


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