Introduction to Web Design


Lauren Rabinowitz
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This course will provide students with a working knowledge of the fundamental principles, theory, and concepts of web site design and creation. Students also gain hands on experience in developing the necessary basic skills and techniques for using a variety of coding, design and multi-media techniques that can be used to integrate both general design concepts, and interface design unique to the web, as well as using various media into simple, functioning website.


Class assignments must be completed on time and be submitted for a grade.

Attendance and punctuality is REQUIRED. After our first meeting, class will begin at 9:30am and continue until 12:30pm. Please be on time, lateness will have a negative affect on your grades. If you arrive after class has begun, you will be marked late. If you arrive more that 15 minutes late, you will be marked absent.

Absences: 5 absences of any kind is the maximum allowed. Anything beyond 5 is grounds for failure.  Because of the nature of a studio class where informal discussions and problem-solving happen uniquely in the classroom, you must attend all classes and are responsible for all material covered. Plan your time accordingly. If you miss a class, you are responsible for checking this website and/or contacting the instructor as soon as possible to find out how you can make up the class work.


Creating a basic web page/splash page (essentially a billboard)

Basic HTML.

Formatting text.

Learn about FTP upload.

Web color theory.

Creating text links.

Creating email links.

Setting anchors and targets.

Creating graphic links or buttons. Navigation bars.

De-bugging a page/site. Checking for broken links.

Creating and optimizing images for the web.

Investigating image properties.

Creating an image map.

Background images.

Cascading Style Sheets

Keywords, Search engines/ SEO

Construction with tables

Basic Dreamweaver

Building animated GIFs

Flash workshop (and animated GIFs vs. Flash animations)

Great design and usability.

Advanced Web Design

Advanced CSS



Style sheets

CSS styles



CSS rollovers

Creating Interactive Pages

Shopping Carts and Stores



Constructing Forms

Text elements

Radio buttons





Adding Multimedia (with Flash)

Dynamic Websites/Web Application

Dynamic media for promotion

Using Templates

Creating templates for distribution

Social networking basics

Creating Themes for Blogs and Social Media


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